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The Dworld Fire Island Underwear Party

The Ice Palace- 1 Main Walk, Cherry Grove, Fire Island


The Dworld Underwear Party is a now legendary event. It has been called “the greatest weekly event in the world” by Fleshbot- and we agree! This dance off, pants off event is our signature. As Joel Kim Booster said in the 2022 film Fire Island, “no weekend on Fire Island would be complete if you didn’t make an appearance at The Underwear Party. It’s the one party where everyone is invited.” Now in its 22nd year, The Dworld Underwear Party features resident DJs Johnny Dynell and Corey Craig, and is now Fire Island’s largest weekend event and longest-running party. It is THE party that inspired copycats in Key West, Fort Lauderdale and Provincetown, as well as numerous copies that go down in the Big Apple. But, there is only ONE original.